AIOC Interface Bulk Pack (Auto PTT / Signalink Style)


This is a custom order for a run of AIOC Cables. You can use this for APRS, Winlink, Programming, or any other sound card data mode! These on average take 2 months to fab, flash, customize, and ship.

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Manufactured on Order! This comes with the firmware flashed. No complicated setup is required!

The All In One Cable (AIOC) from Simon Küppers is an amazing addition to your HT EDC (If I have to spell it out…) You can use this for APRS, Winlink, Programming or any other sound card data mode. Compatible with all HT radios that use the Kenwood Style connector (unless your radio has the programming chip built in, then it will only do data modes, not programming).

This version of the product uses the CATless PTT Firmware that acts like a SignaLink (TM).

It is STRONGLY recommended that you use a right-angle, shielded USB-C Cable when plugging directly into an HT with a standard antenna, otherwise, RFI may cause the AIOC to act unexpectedly. Take a look at our curated Cable+Ferrite Clip, Short Cables, and Right-Angle Adapters


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  • Cheap & Hackable Digital mode USB interface (similar to digirig, mobilinkd, etc…)
  • Based on easy-to-hack STM32F302 with internal ADC/DAC (Programmable via USB bootloader using DFU)
  • Plug & Play with most software including APRSDroid
  • Automatically triggers PTT when audio goes out to it just like a Signalink. Digital modes have never been so easy!
  • Doesn’t require complicated CAT setup
  • Low Power-Draw
  • No complicated driver hunting and installing
  • Can be changed over to the standard firmware easily on linux to use as a programming cable and more!



The internal STM32 chip monitors for incoming data on the virtual sound car output. When it detects any data, it triggers PTT and forwards it. Then, after no data is detected, it waits 10ms before dropping PTT. At this time this number is hard-coded, but may be available to change in the future.

The soundcard interface of the AIOC gives access to the audio data channels. It has one mono microphone channel and one mono speaker channel and currently supports the following baud rates:

  • 48000 Hz (preferred)
  • 32000 Hz
  • 24000 Hz
  • 22050 Hz (specifically for APRSdroid, has approx. 90 ppm of frequency error)
  • 16000 Hz
  • 12000 Hz
  • 11025 Hz (has approx. 90 ppm of frequency error)
  • 8000 Hz

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Kenwood, Bare PCB, Digirg Style (2x 3.5mm), Pigtails (Unterminated wires), Yaesu


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