Free Roadside Assistance & Home Assistance to Radio Operators

As an EMCOMM focused Amateur Radio enthusiast I want to put me time where my mouth is. I try and be on air to offer aid to fellow operators when in need. This is a list for my own reference and for the reference of those who already know me of what aid I offer. Basically, if I’m on air and I hear that you need help from the list below, I’ll try and get to you. All services are offered at my discretion.

I offer the following free emergency services to other licensed operators within 20 miles, and all members of PART of Westford, for free:

  • Roadside Assistance
    • Tire changing
    • Towing (through AAA)*
    • Lock & Key Service (through AAA)*
    • Fuel Delivery
    • Ride to hotel from vehicle
    • Part delivery
  • Home Assistance (for Emergencies only)
    • Water delivery (if possible)
    • Food delivery
    • Minor shoveling
    • Emergency transportation in the event of a natural disaster or house-fire
  • Emergency Message Forwarding
    • Sending text messages, emails, and calls if you don’t have a connection
    • SSTV Photo -> Text / Email

Note: These services are offered when I am able to and only to other amateur radio operators. I make no promises or guarantees to assist, and will only be able to offer assistance when I am not otherwise engaged.

Do not depend on operators for emergencies. Have an emergency plan. That said, if you’re in a tough spot, feel free to reach out on WB1GOF, W1BIM, N1ZUZ, or 146.520 Mhz. If I can help (within reason), I will. you can also reach me at (978)-226-1119. Again, this service is for amateur radio operators only.

I have limited vehicular experience, so if you drive a broken-down semi, don’t expect me to be able to do much.

If you, another person, or your property is in serious danger, call 911. This is a volunteer service, not an official emergency service. I hold no authority or significant experience above the average citizen, I simply like to help.

* Serious Situations Only. AAA services are offered within reason. I have a limited amount of times I can get roadside assistance per year.