Let’s talk about the slim-jim antenna! Many new hams that get their tech licenses want good […]
Amateur Radio clubs can help their members take these first steps with loaner rigs, HF, and VHF rigs owned by the club that can be lent to new operators to get started. This practice is tried and true and a great way to get folks interested in HF and ham radio.
While this theory makes sense, it's luckily not true. Hessu, OH7LZB is one of the authors of the aprsc server software running on the APRS-IS servers, and is the owner of one of the popular APRS tracking websites aprs.fi. Hessu talked on this issue stating, "The APRS-IS servers (both javaprssrvr and aprsc) send...
The Generational Ham Philosophy: Measured by What you Give, not by What you Have I’ve heard […]