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This is a lmited run of AIOC Cables. You can use this for APRS, Winlink, Programming, or any other sound card data mode!

Firmware Explanation

Standard CAT PTT: Like a Digirig ( Will not trigger the radio’s push-to-talk unless you trigger it from the host machine (COM ports on Windows, /dev/ ports on Linux). Works with digirig, WSJTX, flrig / fldigi.

Catless PTT: Works like a Signalink. When audio comes in from the computer it’s connected to, it will automatically trigger PTT. There is no special configuration needed other than soundcards.

Both firmware versions still allow serial communication for CAT control and radio programming, although not at the same time as audio use (at this time. Patch is made but not yet tested).

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The All In One Cable (AIOC) from Simon Küppers is an amazing addition to your HT EDC (If I have to spell it out…) You can use this for APRS, Winlink, Programming or any other sound card data mode. Compatible with all HT radios that use the Kenwood Style connector (unless your radio has the programming chip built in, then it will only do data modes, not programming).

It is STRONGLY recommended that you use a right-angle, shielded USB-C Cable when plugging directly into an HT with a standard antenna, otherwise, RFI may cause the AIOC to act unexpectedly. Take a look at our curated Cable+Ferrite Clip, Short Cables, and Right-Angle Adapters


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  • Cheap & Hackable Digital mode USB interface (similar to digirig, mobilinkd, etc…)
  • Programming Cable Function via virtual Serial Port
  • Based on easy-to-hack STM32F302 with internal ADC/DAC (Programmable via USB bootloader using DFU)
  • Can support Dual-PTT HTs


The serial interface of the AIOC enumerates as a regular COM (Windows) or ttyACM port (Linux) and can be used as such for programming the radio as well as PTT (Asserted on DTR=1 and RTS=0).

Note before firmware version 1.2.0, PTT was asserted by DTR=1 (ignoring RTS) which caused problems with certain radios when using the serial port for programming the radio e.g. using CHIRP.

The soundcard interface of the AIOC gives access to the audio data channels. It has one mono microphone channel and one mono speaker channel and currently supports the following baud rates:

  • 48000 Hz (preferred)
  • 32000 Hz
  • 24000 Hz
  • 22050 Hz (specifically for APRSdroid, has approx. 90 ppm of frequency error)
  • 16000 Hz
  • 12000 Hz
  • 11025 Hz (has approx. 90 ppm of frequency error)
  • 8000 Hz

Since firmware version 1.2.0, a CM108 style PTT interface is available for public testing. This interface works in parallel to the COM-port PTT. Direwolf on Linux is confirmed working, please report any issues. Note that currently, Direwolf reports some warnings when using the CM108 PTT interface on the AIOC. While they are annoying, they are safe to ignore and require changes in the upstream direwolf source code. See wb2osz/direwolf#448 for more details.


Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 6 cm

Standard Bare Easy-Solder Pads (Easily make a custom adapter), Bare Easy-Solder Pads + Kenwood Connectors (Just solder), Kenwood Jack (UV-5R Style Assembled)


Standard CAT PTT (Like a Digirig), Catless PTT (Like a SignaLink)

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